Saturday, May 29, 2004

Test EMail publisher

Test content. Just ignore.

New two way Opteron machine has arrived

This Thursday noon a box appeared in the lobby with a new [anxiously awaited] 2-way Opteron machine in it. It has a Tyan S2885 motherboard with 2 Opteron 244 processors and 2 GB of memory. No doubts I put Solaris Express build 55 on it immediately. Quite a nice box.

Kitchen greenhouse status

Last week I decided to grow something in the kitchen.
I choose peppermint and rosemary to be an experiment
subject. I brought seeds and pads from the greenhouse
and sowed the seeds last Saturday. To my surprise it grew.
Peppermint already has some tiny green leafs. Rosemary'
destiny is still unknown as of today.


Well, I just created this blog. For a couple of months I thought about
doing it, but this Saturday I just said to myself - "Go ahead !" -
and here we go - fresh blog is here.

We'll see...