Sunday, December 26, 2004

OpenSolaris under Subversion

Today I tried to import the whole downloaded tarball of OpenSolaris into Subversion repository. Interesting enough, it took more then 2 and a half hours to finish. Somehow I expected it [Subversion] to be more quick. On the other hand the tarball contains more then 38 thousands files and directories, so may be it is not so bad. Hard to say... I should also try it with fsfs as a repository backend. And may be it would be better if I would do it locally, instead of pushing everything over the network.

Update: I tried it locally with fsfs backend and it took 12 minutes. Quite an improvement.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

OpenSolaris on PPC

All of a sudden the mailing list had a spike of active conversation tonight. I never expected people to be on their keyboard on Christmas (I, personally, am going to be drunk on New Year day). The conversation was very interesting. When OpenSolaris will finally be launched the archives would be available to look at.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Thawte Web Of Trust notary

Recently I have reached 35 point Thawte Web Of Trust Notary status. I became aware of all this Free Email Certificate stuff when I've got a signed email from Caryl Takvorian of Sun UK. I quickly enrolled for my own certificate, but then discovered that it is only a beginning of the story. One can find Thawte Web Of Trust Notaries around him and ask them to assure his identity and assigned a number of trust points. When 50 trust points are accumulated a named Certificate can be issued. When 100 trust points are accumulated one becomes a notary himself. That is still not the end of the story. New notary can only assign up to 10 trust points to a person. The maximal number of trust points notary can assign grows higher together with the number of assertions notary makes. 35 points notary seems to be the maximum the non-Thawte employee can achieve.