Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Solaris Express b77 is out !

SXCE b77, aka Nevada build 77, aka snv_77 was just released to the download servers

It brings quite a few long-awaited goodies

system SUNWcpr.i Suspend, Resume package
system SUNWisns Solaris iSNS Server
system SUNWisnsadm Solaris iSNS Server CLI
system SUNWisnsr Solaris iSNS Server (Root)
system SUNWmgts Trusted Extensions, SMC
system SUNWsmbskr SMB Server (Kernel)
system SUNWsmbsr SMB Server (Root)
system SUNWsmbsu SMB Server (Usr)
system SUNWsquidr Squid Web Proxy Cache (root)
system SUNWsquidu Squid Web Proxy Cache (usr)
application SUNWtsmc Trusted Extensions SMC Server

Suspend-to-RAM, native in-kernel CIFS server and Squid are among them

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