Friday, May 15, 2009

SXCE build 114 is out

Solaris Express Community Edition (aka Nevada) build 114 has been released.

Significant changes in this build

1. Wireless USB support integrated
2. LSI MegaRAID SAS2.0 HBA driver integrated
3. PSARC/2009/204 ZFS user/group quotas & space accounting integrated
4. Wireshark 1.0.7 integrated (my favorite for this build !!!)
5. httping integrated
6. GNU readline library integrated
7. gdbm integrated
8. Unix/ODBC integrated

Changes on package level:

New packages:
system      SUNWepydoc                       epydoc
system SUNWgnu-dbm GNU Database Manager
system SUNWgnu-readline GNU readline
system SUNWhal-cups-utils hal-cups-utils (usr)
system SUNWhal-cups-utilsr hal-cups-utils (root)
system SUNWhttping httping - ping for http-requests
system SUNWjanino janino - An Embedded JavaTM Compiler
system SUNWjaxen-core jaxen-core - XPath library
system SUNWjdtcore jdt-core - Core java elements and API plugin
system SUNWjettison jettison - A JSON STax Implementation
system SUNWjodatime joda-time- Java date and time API
system SUNWmvel mvel - Java-based Expression Language
system SUNWobjectasm asm - Java bytecode manipulation and analysis framework
system SUNWpen pen
system SUNWpenr Pen (root)
system SUNWpython26-pyopenssl pyOpenSSL - Python interface to the OpenSSL library for Python 2.6
system SUNWrelaxngDatatype relaxngDatatype - RELAX NG Datatype Library
system SUNWslrn slrn - S-Lang read news
system SUNWunixodbc The UnixODBC Subsystem and SDK
system SUNWunixodbcr The UnixODBC Subsystem and SDK (root)
system SUNWuwb Ultra Wideband (UWB) support modules
system SUNWwireshark Wireshark
system SUNWwiresharkr Wireshark (root)
system SUNWxpp3min xpp3 - XmlPull parsing engine

Removed packages.
system      SUNWphx                          Solaris interface for phx

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Git support for webrev

During recent months I was heavily using Git (as a part of the project I am doing for one my customers). At first it was quite a rough experience after getting used to Mercurial, but after some time I learned to appreciate the great power Git puts in my fingertips. It takes time to learn how things are done the "Git" way, but once you are there you do not really want to go back to Mercurial.

So one day I decided to switch all my OpenSolaris related development to Git. First thing was having a Git clone of the ON repo. I used hg-fast-import utility (available at git:// After doing some coding and I wanted to generate a webrev, but unfortunately webrev doesn't understand git. So I decided to add git support to webrev.

And here we go This webrev is generated by git-enabled webrev from git repo !

This stuff still requires more work and a lot of polish, but all the basic functionality is in.

For those brave souls that want to test it SUNWonbld package is available for download.


Looks like SCSI-3 PGR (Persistent Group Reservation) support finally being integrated into COMSTAR framework. One of the consumers for this feature is Sun Cluster. Good work, COMSTAR team !

Saturday, May 02, 2009

SXCE build 113 is out

Solaris Express Community Edition (aka Nevada) build 113 has been released.

Notable changes in this build

1. iftop 0.17 integrated
2. iperf 2.0.4 integrated
3. Driver for FTDI USB-to-Serial dongle integrated
4. zfs list -d and zfs get -d - PSARC/2009/171
5. Elinks 0.11.6 integrated
6. sudo upgraded to 1.7.0

Changes on package level:

New packages:
system      SUNWImperius                     Imperius
application SUNWclisp GNU Common Lisp
system SUNWconflict conflict
system SUNWelinks ELinks
system SUNWgocr GOCR is an open source Optical Character Recognition program
system SUNWiftop iftop - Display bandwidth usage on an interface
system SUNWiperf iperf
system SUNWuftdi FT232R USB UART