Sunday, January 29, 2006

ASCII Art Forever !

James Dickens just posted a funny "vi" upgrade picture and I remembered that many years ago I came across a Star Wars Episode IV in ASCII. Yes, the movie in ASCII Art ! You were to telnet to some host and it was then played on your terminal. So I google for it "ASCII Star Wars" and it immediately showed me a modern (aka Java, aka Web-friendly) version of this masterpiece.
So, here it comes -


Friday, January 27, 2006

Storage Community went live !

Woo-hoo, Storage Community just went live as well the sources of NWS consolidation !


Rainy evening at Murphy's

It was rainy yesterday evening, but it didn't stop us - John Plocher, Leon Koll and myself - from getting together at Murphy's pub in Herzelia marina. Place was quite crowded - people were gathering there to watch the basketball game later that evening on the big screens around the pub. So we had to wait some time while the staff were figuring out where to sit us. The good thing is that we've got the first round of beer on house for standing patiently :) Too bad Leon showed up a little later and missed that.

Anyway, if you ask me - pub is one of the best places to have good technical talk :)

Meeting at Murphy's (2)

Meeting at Murphy's (3)

Meeting at Murphy's (5)


Saturday, January 14, 2006

SXCR B30 is out finally

SXCR build 30 just hit the SDLC. It adds quite a number of new packages

system SUNWatheros Atheros 802.11b/g Wireless NIC Driver
application SUNWcacaort Cacao Component
system SUNWdvdrw DVD creation utilities
system SUNWdvdrwS DVD creation utilities (source)
JAI SUNWjai Java Advanced Imaging
JAI SUNWjai-imageio Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools
application SUNWjdmk-base Java DMK 5.1 minimal subset
system SUNWlibusbS libusb (source)
system SUNWlibusbugenS libusbugen plugin (source)
system SUNWmpapi SNIA Multipath Management API Common Library
system SUNWmpapir SNIA Multipath Management API Common Library (Root)
system SUNWmpathadm Solaris Multipathing CLI
system SUNWmpathadmr Solaris Multipathing CLI (Root)
system SUNWmpsvplr Sun MP API library for the scsi_vhci driver (Root)
application SUNWsoagm GNOME Menu Integration for the StarSuite Office Productivity Suite
application SUNWsoam StarSuite Office Productivity Suite for Solaris
application SUNWsogm GNOME Menu Integration for the StarOffice Office Productivity Suite
application SUNWsom StarOffice Office Productivity Suite for Solaris
system SUNWwlanr wifi config tool
system SUNWwlanu wifi config tool