Friday, December 24, 2004

Thawte Web Of Trust notary

Recently I have reached 35 point Thawte Web Of Trust Notary status. I became aware of all this Free Email Certificate stuff when I've got a signed email from Caryl Takvorian of Sun UK. I quickly enrolled for my own certificate, but then discovered that it is only a beginning of the story. One can find Thawte Web Of Trust Notaries around him and ask them to assure his identity and assigned a number of trust points. When 50 trust points are accumulated a named Certificate can be issued. When 100 trust points are accumulated one becomes a notary himself. That is still not the end of the story. New notary can only assign up to 10 trust points to a person. The maximal number of trust points notary can assign grows higher together with the number of assertions notary makes. 35 points notary seems to be the maximum the non-Thawte employee can achieve.

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