Sunday, February 05, 2006

Polaris community site has arrived

Polaris Community site if finally up and running. It took some time to figure out which software to run there and where to host it and after a month of preparation it is now operational. Kudos to Craig and Dennis for making it happen.
The software we run there allows us to have a wiki, a ticket management, a simple project management, etc - I feel very much impressed with the overall quality of it. Good stuff! I am surprised I never heard about Trac before...

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Raquel and Bill said...

Thanks to you too Cyril. It was you that came up with the name Polaris right here and it has been your persistent effort on the ODW that has pushed this ahead. You are part of the leadership in this effort and while you might not give yourself credit on your own blog we will. :-)

Thanks to you too!