Saturday, December 03, 2005

1st IOSUG meeting

On Thursday, Dec 1, Israel OpenSolaris User Group got together for the first time. It was very good to see all the people that came. The gathering wasn't that big - 10 guys overall - but it is the quality that matters, not the quantity :) Sun Microsystems Israel hosted the meeting (great many thanks to Malcolm Kavalsky for taking care of the place and the pizza !).
We spent time talking about what's going on with OpenSolaris and discussing what can we do (bearing in mind specific local requirements - Hebrew support, etc) It needs to be mentioned that Israel computer market dominated quite seriously by the Evil Empire and the interoperability with their product is very essential when it comes to deploying a UNIX solution.
All in all we managed to create nice and family-style atmosphere as can be seen on the photos. Thanks for coming to all the people !


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