Friday, December 09, 2005

A380 Office

A380 Office
Originally uploaded by Naddsy.

Whenever Sam asks to show her some new photos I am looking for some group at Flickr we are going through slide show. Today she wanted to see some planes. And look what we found ! That's an A380 flight deck. Incredible ! The joyflightstick on the side and the keyboard in front of the pilot ! Can they run Solaris on it ? Anyone has an idea what kind of software do they run there ?


napobo3 said...

The answer is simple:
they should run StarOffice !

Cyril Plisko said...

Indeed, StarOffice team should consider an "Airbus Flight Control" component !

Stefan Parvu said...

Very many screens around...Gee Im wonder how well have they tested all these things :)

I do remember a strange case about a possible failure in A380 and an US engineer which was working for TTTech. The mass media somehow was kind of silent over this topic, strange isn't it ?

Im not sure what has happened with Mangan and TTTech.

Stefan Parvu said...

And here is the man