Thursday, April 16, 2009

SXCE build 112 is out

Solaris Express Community Edition (aka Nevada) build 112 has been released.

Significant changes in this build

1. Driver for Ralink RT2700/2800 IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n wireless device
2. Driver for Atmel AT76C50x USB IEEE 802.11b Wireless Device
3. USB serial console support on x86
4. FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) Target for COMSTAR
5. Fast Reboot by default
6. TPM support
7. Intel AMT support
8. Bundled NVIDIA graphics driver updated to 180.44
9. powerman integrated
10. pwgen 2.06 integrated
11. PostgreSQL upgraded to 8.2.13 and 8.3.7
12. patchutils 0.3.0 integrated
13. Mercurial upgraded to 1.1.2
14. Thunderbird upgraded to
15. Drivel 2.0.3 integrated

Changes on package level:

New packages:
system      SUNWamt                          Solaris support for Intel AMT
system SUNWamt-lms Solaris support for Intel AMT - LMS daemon
system SUNWantlr2 ANTLR, (AN)other (T)ool for (L)anguage (R)ecognition
system SUNWatu Atmel AT76C50x USB IEEE 802.11b Wireless Device Driver
system SUNWconvmv Filename Encoding Conversion Tool
GNOME2 SUNWdrivel Drivel - Blog Editor
GNOME2 SUNWdrivel-root Drivel - Blog Editor - / filesystem
system SUNWfcoe Sun FCoE Transport Driver
system SUNWfcoet Sun FCoE COMSTAR Driver
system SUNWfcoeu Sun FCoE Port Management Library
system SUNWgrubr GRUB (Root)
system SUNWlibsigsegv libsigsegv - handling page faults in user mode
system SUNWpatchutils patchutils - Tools for manipulating patch files
system SUNWpowermanr Powerman (root)
system SUNWpowermanu Powerman (user)
system SUNWpwgen pwgen
system SUNWrwn Ralink RT2700/2800 IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless Network Device
system SUNWtpm Sun TPM pseudo driver


Paul Johnston said...

Running snv_111a and that has thunderbird already

Cyril Plisko said...

Are you running SXCE or OpenSolaris distro ?

Paul Johnston said...

OpenSolaris, I always thought that was in some way slightly behind SXCE in terms of release date and therefore versions. Checked snv_111 and that has
However snv_110 has!
Regards Paul

Cyril Plisko said...


that's what I thought. OpenSolaris (the distribution) is different from SXCE. While it tracks SXCE build-by-build, occasionally the exact set of the delivered binaries is different from that of the SXCE.
This blog entry is about the SXCE distribution (as it says in the subject)

BTW, snv_xxx is a kernel version (as reported by uname). Comparing application availability based in the kernel version may be misleading.

Paul Johnston said...

How would you suggest is the best way to specify where your machine is upto in the development cycle, perhaps quote the Assembled date in /etc/release?
I generally use the full image update (using pkg) it's caused a couple of headaches, especially with MySQL5.0 and 5.1 but hey I'm not using this in production ;-)
Anyway just to say I find your blog really useful, thanks Paul