Saturday, May 02, 2009

SXCE build 113 is out

Solaris Express Community Edition (aka Nevada) build 113 has been released.

Notable changes in this build

1. iftop 0.17 integrated
2. iperf 2.0.4 integrated
3. Driver for FTDI USB-to-Serial dongle integrated
4. zfs list -d and zfs get -d - PSARC/2009/171
5. Elinks 0.11.6 integrated
6. sudo upgraded to 1.7.0

Changes on package level:

New packages:
system      SUNWImperius                     Imperius
application SUNWclisp GNU Common Lisp
system SUNWconflict conflict
system SUNWelinks ELinks
system SUNWgocr GOCR is an open source Optical Character Recognition program
system SUNWiftop iftop - Display bandwidth usage on an interface
system SUNWiperf iperf
system SUNWuftdi FT232R USB UART


Leon Koll said...

Flat space LUN addressing method aka FCP_VOLUME_ADDRESSING should be supported in build 113.
It means the LUNs greater than 254 may be mapped to the host.

Cyril Plisko said...


you are right, here is that changeset.
I think, however, that there are only a small number of people out there that know what this thingy is. And even less people that knew it wasn't working on Solaris :)