Saturday, May 09, 2009

Git support for webrev

During recent months I was heavily using Git (as a part of the project I am doing for one my customers). At first it was quite a rough experience after getting used to Mercurial, but after some time I learned to appreciate the great power Git puts in my fingertips. It takes time to learn how things are done the "Git" way, but once you are there you do not really want to go back to Mercurial.

So one day I decided to switch all my OpenSolaris related development to Git. First thing was having a Git clone of the ON repo. I used hg-fast-import utility (available at git:// After doing some coding and I wanted to generate a webrev, but unfortunately webrev doesn't understand git. So I decided to add git support to webrev.

And here we go This webrev is generated by git-enabled webrev from git repo !

This stuff still requires more work and a lot of polish, but all the basic functionality is in.

For those brave souls that want to test it SUNWonbld package is available for download.


Paul Johnston said...

Are you using git built from source or the pkg SUNWgit, if you started to learn git which would you recommend, cutting edge or tried and tested?

Cheers Paul

Cyril Plisko said...


I am using SUNWgit. And the reason is simple - it comes with SXCE. There is nothing special about this version (1.5.something) - it just was the latest version when git was integrated into SFW consolidation. If you want to start learning git, you'll probably hardly notice any difference between 1.5 and 1.6 (currently 1.6.3) series. So I'd say take the easiest route.

Fedor said...


you are kidding. 1.6.3 is *waaays* far away from 1.5.x in terms of newbie-friendliness. It gets better - documentation-wise, interface-wise, feature-wise each minor release.

We have been using our own version of git-aware webrev, will be interesting to compare...
Did you ever try to push it back into OpenSolaris webrev?

Cyril Plisko said...


I agree that 1.6 series is notably better, however, I do not share your opinion that for git-newbie it will make a lot of difference. YMMV, of course.

As for the webrev git support - I'd be interested to hear your comparison results. I wouldn't consider my changes to be ready for integration - it will need more polish and love. Nonetheless, the ultimate goal is to have it integrated eventually.

Andrei said...

If it possible for someone to prepare stand-alone script for non-solaris users?