Thursday, June 25, 2009

SXCE build 117 is out

Solaris Express Community Edition (aka Nevada) build 117 has been released.

Significant changes in this build:

1. Solaris Simnet PSARC/2009/200 simulated networks
2. zpool autoexpand property - PSARC/2008/353
3. Areca 7.1 backup suite integrated
4. NVIDIA graphics driver updated to 185.18.14
5. Wireshark updated to version 1.0.8
6. Conman console management tool integrated

Changes on package level:

New packages:
system      SUNWareca           Areca backup utilities
system SUNWconmanr ConMan - Console Management tool (root)
system SUNWconmanu ConMan - Console Management tool (usr)
system SUNWperl-net-ssleay Net::SSLeay- Perl extension for using OpenSSL
system SUNWxsun-headers X Window System: Xsun server SDK headers


Paul Johnston said...

I notice OpenSolaris package repository, development build 118 is out however Solaris Express Community Edition Build 117 is still the latest, is this usual?
Regards Paul

Cyril Plisko said...

No, it is rather unusual. what happened is that SXCE 118 was skipped. The problem with the SXCE as a distribution didn't stop other distribution providers, however, from releasing their binaries based on the same OS/Net (and other) consolidation(s).