Sunday, January 02, 2005

GMail invitations are available again

I seems to have 10 more GMail invitation to send. Drop me a comment if you would like to have one.


Anonymous said...

if you have any left, I'd be glad to get one.
Thanks (cklutz(put "at" here)

3AHO3A said...

Leon tell me to write a comment if I'd like to get GMail. That is what I'm doing.
What the hell is it?

Cyril Plisko said...

See - it is a web mail. If you want to have an account
leave your First Name, Last Name and your current email.

3AHO3A said...

About Gmail:
Sorry for delay, I probably late, but nevetheless:

Uri Zaretsky

AlpIng said...

hello cyril
this is nice of you and i would like an invitation if it is available. Iam using Lycos right now and it is light years behind with its 5 mb storage. My name is Alp Isin, Iam travelling in India for the last year and we have met many Israelis here. bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyril,

I may be late but try wy chance anyway. I got a mail from my cousin about his new email adress and he recommend me to get a gmail. I searched an invitation and found you also foumd out my cousin alpIng had written you already. I don't know whether he got it from you or not but if you still have any of them I'd be graetful if you send it to me.. Here my adress
Love from Turkey

raja said...

hello cyril,

iam raja an undergraduate student from south india, it would be a great favour for me if u lend me an invitation.

lokking for a favourable reply.