Friday, January 07, 2005

My favorite OS on PowerPC rebirth - continued

Mr. napobo3 in his recent comment brought up interesting questions.

"Solaris on PPC cannot be a one-man-project IMHO. What is your estimation on the amount human*hours it will take? Do you think the volunteers will come from Open Solaris or Linux/PPC community? How the IBM and/or Freescale will be involved? "

Porting OpenSolaris to PowerPC is a community project. While community may consist of only one person in theory, that is definitely not the case with OpenSolaris/PPC. [BTW, we need a name. OpenSolaris on PowerPC is too long.] As for the labor estimation - I really hope it would take infinite amount of work. Setting any definite number would mean that work could be done and forgotten, while really useful and alive project would evolve all the time.
Volunteers are coming from many communities - Linux/PPC including. I think it is quite natural. And the experience the Linux/PPC people can bring to the project is invaluable. Pieter Van den Abeele and Sven Luther, for example, are onboard from the very beginning.
As for vendors involvement - Genesi is involved already. Freescale has something to do with it too. bbrv, I believe, can elaborate more on that. As for others - time will tell.


Raquel and Bill said...

Cyril, we will! Just too busy this weekend. Check back soon...:-)


Anonymous said...

uh. Polaris of course