Friday, January 28, 2005

OpenSolaris on PowerPC looks for a new name!

One kind (albeit anonymous!) soul suggested recently in the comment that natural name for OpenSolaris on PPC would be Polaris. Indeed, the idea seems to be obvious. My only concern is that the word Polaris is sooo overused, that it would hardly be associated with [Open]Solaris. That's my opinion of course. I'd like to hear what readers think. Any other suggestions ? Please comment.

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Raquel and Bill said...


Ursa major! :-)

Sounds like a distinctive group of *stars* to us!

Keep up the good work Cyril!

R&B :-)

madmac said...

POS -- _Power_ful Open Solaris :-)

POS is the Boss ...

OPIS - (from latin = ops opis f.: in nom. sing. , [the goddess of abundance]; other cases opem, opis, ope, [might, power, esp. power to aid; help, support]; plur. opes, [resources, means, wealth]. )


napobo3 said...

Oh, that's easy:


Anonymous said...

OpenSolaris is OpenSolaris, no matter where it runs. I consider it a bad idea to have platform dependent names for the very same operating system.

Anonymous said...

Opplaris - because it throws
no google hits ;-)

Anonymous said...

Opplaris - because it throws
no google hits ;-)

Peter Tribble said...

We talked about this early on in the pilot (months ago now...). My instant problem with Polaris is that it's a nuclear ballistic missile, possibly not the best connection you might want.

Raquel and Bill said...

You are right Peter, but it was replaced many years ago by a newer version with a different name. Polaris has also been a horse, telescope, compass, snowmachine, three-wheeler, etc., etc. The name sort of plays-off "Sun" (another star and this one is a supergiant!). As the pole of the celestial sky, everything revolves around it (...building a metacommunity around OpenSolaris)! Maybe, "marketing" can polish that up. Hey, we are just brainstorming here! :-D

Besides, "Polaris can be located by following the line upward from the two stars (the Pointers) at the right end of the bowl of the Big Dipper or, if the Big Dipper is not visible, by following the line through the left side of the square in Pegasus through the end star in Cassiopeia."

Did some one say Pegasos! :-o

Anonymous said...

but is already taken.


Raquel and Bill said...

..hummm. SolarisPolaris sounds a bit whimsical. How about Polaros? It can sound the same and the OS part can be attributed to operating system. :-) Alternatively, that science fiction group might be persuaded!

Anonymous said...


Why, because it's another book by Stanislaw Lem, the author of Solaris :-)

Anonymous said...
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Carl Trusiak said...

Another name for the star Polaris is Cynosura. Which also was the nymph that nursed Zeus, a Dregonfly and a Butterfly. I don't find any software companies in a quick Goole search. Something along those lines could be interesting.

Andrew said...

I am a little confused as to why an OpenSolaris PowerPC port needs its own name.

I agree that giving the port its own name would give it its own identity, but this would also brings a whole new set of issues which distance it from the credibility of "Solaris". Having to explain that "Polaris" or whatever the future name may be is actually Solaris is only an extra step for acceptance in many areas.

If the project needs its own identity, why not try and take on both aspects of the project which are already accepted products, in this case the PowerPC chip and the Solaris operating system.

One user has already suggested the acronym of "POS", this could be used to an extent, for instance "Power Open Solaris" retains all the credibility of all its project components.

This shouldn't be shortened to "POS" as POS also stands for "Piece of Shit" :) Instead it could be shorted to PowerOS, which gives it its own identity, yet retains everything good about the project!

Just my 2c.

Raquel and Bill said...

From a branding and marketing perspective, you may be on to something Andrew...

"System" of _operating system_ becomes Solaris and the _Power_ moniker slides to Sun from IBM. IBM would contest this use of power, but changing that to a verb could do the trick, e.g., OpenSolaris Powered (?!- just brainstorming...) Err...Solar Powered! :-) We don't think POS in any form is a good idea.

Nice discussion!

Keep up the good work Cyril! When the OpenSolaris for PowerPC port arrives we know you will be there! :-D

Carl Trusiak said...

If you haven't read it yet, OpenSolaris is a Sun Trademark : Sun is exploring a way to allow other distributions to say the are founded on OpenSolaris however, you can't name the product that. OpenPolaris is another nice way around any Trademarks. I still like Cynosura or perhaps PoleStar.

LK said...

Just as a possible search direction - something related to Stanislav Lem?

LK said...

How about this:



Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat late to this party, but if the PowerPC port would find its way back into the official OpenSolaris code base, then the name should just be "OpenSolaris PPC". As a potential user, I would want to go to and see prominently listed the different supported architectures (AMD64, SPARC, PowerPC) with direct links to documentation, version control access, and other downloads. I should not have to waste time figuring out what clever names mean, especially considering that every project out there feels they needs a clever name adding to learning curves everywhere.

Regarding the fact that OpenSolaris is trademarked, if Debian wanted to use the OpenSolaris kernel, it would be confusing for them to use Debian GNU/OpenSolaris, for example. Perhaps Sun needs to create a separate name for their kernel, just like Mac OS has Darwin, GNU has HURD, etc. Sun could name their kernel something other than just "SunOS"--perhaps another Sun-themed word like corona or aurora. This would lead to Debian GNU/Corona, for example. The clever naming shouldn't go much beyond this, just for simplicity's sake.

Dennis Clarke said...

Every distro has a “codename”

Woody, Sarge, Zoot, Nevada and Polaris.

I don't see a problem with it and it sounds nice.

Dennis Clarke

Tatjana Heuser said...

Polaris seems to have been catchy and obvious - I think it just caught on.
If now we're thinking of
PPC as "polar" systems, we can refer to
Sparc as "solar" systems, and
i86 as "iolar" systems, for themed namespaces.
(While everyone knows what's referred to by solar and polar, what's iolar? For an answer, try An iolar